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Madelyn Lund
I'm Madelyn Lund and I'm 16 and I am a junior in high school, my favorite subject is english. I like to draw, read, travel, and do things with my family. For drawing I like to draw anything that I can. My favorite book is "Salt to the Sea", and my favorite place that I have traveled to is Japan, if I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to London or Ireland, because I like there accents and I think Ireland is really pretty. With my family, I like to go to restaurants with them, have movie nights, and go on vacations with them. I signed up for journalism because I like to interview and get to know people, I also like to write there stories. I prefer journalism for my choice of writing stories because they practically write themselves where with a book you have to come up with everything. I am excited to see what my team and I come up with this year with the stories that we write.

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Madelyn Lund