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Moonshiver 2019

Picture: Presley Shewell, Ethan Swanton, Austin Nielsen, Eryn Hendricks

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Moonshiver 2019

Aidan Ross

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If you have interest in film or always searching for a fun activity to do you may have attended Moonshiver. But if you didn’t get a chance to come, here’s where you can hear about it!


At Moonshiver, there were was a wide variety of student made films. In the horror genre was a movie called You’re It. The film follows a janitor working a late shift when strange things start happening. Lights shut off, cords unplug and creepiest of all, there is a strange man dressed in all black following the janitor. The man eventually follows her into the bathroom where she is vulnerable. After a scare from the man, the janitor breaks into a sprint to her car where the man is waiting for her. He puts a rag over her mouth and the movie abruptly stops. This added a great eerie vibe to start the night off.


Another popular genre seen was that of photography and videography. The Best Picture award was given to Logan, a film showing beautiful shots of our great city. Some shots included that of USU, Logan Temple, Utah Theatre, and many more!


The largest genre of the night was comedy. There were many great pieces including Restart, The Realities of High School, and Stirring Up Sadness. But the comedy film that took the cake was Factory: The Musical. This was the highest voted film of the night and was very memorable. It takes a lot of integrity to sing in front of the whole school but the members of this film crew did it regardless. This is most likely what won over the crowd.


After the movie event, there was a dance with refreshments and a photo booth. People enjoyed the fancy aesthetic and fun spirit surrounding the dance. Friends and couples had a blast taking pictures in front of the big Moonshiver Photo Booth. Overall, it was a magnificent event, one that everyone should attend next year at Moonshiver 2020!

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Moonshiver 2019