“Check Out” Ridgeline’s Library

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“Check Out” Ridgeline’s Library

Andree Dayley

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A little teacher interview with Mrs. Odd, the librarian, about some things in the library. What do students know about the library? Are you aware of Mrs. Odd’s favorite question? I personally feel like I knew about Mrs. Odd, but I learned some new things about her as our high school’s librarian that I didn’t before.

  • What are some student uses for the library?

There are a few things students can use in the library. “Of course, we want kids and teachers to check out books” Mrs. Odd told me. Whether we need the books for assignments or just fun casual reading. “I’m really hoping that all of our students become natural readers.

There’s more to the library than just to check out books. Before school and at lunch, the game room in the Library is open. Ask Mrs.Odd some quick fun games that can be played in under a half hour. The library works as a great place to hang out, read, or work.

  • What are some of the “looked down on” things in the library?

“NO FOOD, NO DRINKS!” Mrs. Odd is very straightforward with her no eating/drinking rule in the library. “I know everyone’s just hiding their food from me during lunch time.”

Food gets on the tables, books, computers, so she tries to keep drinks out of the library, out of the carpet, and out of the computers. Doesn’t matter if you are careful, She said that there have been previous incidents with eating and drinking in the library.

  • What are some lesser known things about the library?

The nonfiction section up against the wall in the library. Mrs. Odd loves her non-fiction section, Something lesser known about both the library and our librarian. “A lot of library nonfiction books are really poorly written, and so I’ve gone out of my way to get a really good nonfiction section.”

The library is a great place to do some group work. She believes that not many students even know about the study rooms. If you have an official club meeting, or class leader gathering, talk to Mrs. Odd about using the spare “study rooms.”

  • What is behind the Merry Christmas display in the library?

Mrs. Odd told me “Well, you have to come in and ask me cause your library has terrific deals!”

It says on there “Ask for our coupon, and [the] library has some terrific deals going on.” Everyone will have to go in the library and see what the terrific deals are.


  • How can students get on Mrs. Odd’s good side

She likes to do something called ‘readers advisory’ when a librarian can get to know about students through their interests. Then Mrs. Odd can find a book that is similar to your interests. Students often say ‘I hate reading’ or ‘teacher’s making me read’ She stated “Even I can find a book for someone who ‘hates to read’.” Ask her questions, even if it is obscure.

She said even sometimes people think there won’t be a book about this. Which Mrs. Odd often finds the challenging subject.

This year a lot of people have asked Mrs. Odd about skydiving books and she recently got a book about rescue paratroopers, if that sounds interesting.

  • FAQs & Answers

Q:Tech Questions involving the Chromebooks?

A: “Let me help you figure that out”

Q: What’s a good book / What should I read?

A: Most likely the question Mrs. Odd would ask you after is “What do you like?” after she can recommend a book you may like. She loves this questions.

Q: More of a concern “The printer’s out of paper”

A: “See if you can figure out how to fix that problem” Mrs. Odd’s least favorite concern. She believes that high school students should know how to put paper in a printer.

Q: “Where’s RL English [printer]?”

A: Out the [library main] door first room on the left.

  • What is the strangest question about the library?

About the ‘Perusing on the Potty’ Signs, Peruse not Pursue.

Mrs. Odd explains the difference between peruse and not pursuing. “And I don’t know what people are ‘Pursuing on their potties’ but I really just want to peruse. To “Peruse” means to read a little bit or to look or to think lightly about it.”

So next time you see a ‘Perusing on the potty’ sign in the bathroom, remember it isn’t about pursuing anything.

Google definition of pe·ruse

/pəˈro͞oz/ verb

read (something), typically in a thorough or careful way. Or examine carefully or at length.        [Synonyms include read, study, inspect, examine, look through.]