Ridgeline Halloween 2018

Gabby Booth and Taci Smith, Section Editor and Copy Editor

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Did you know that Halloween started in Ireland? It was originally a Celtic holiday where they would start bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts! Now in the United States and Canada, Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays. Here at Ridgeline High school, we celebrated halloween by dressing up and trick or treating in the halls, and plenty of students showed their Halloween spirit!

We interviewed a few of the students that dressed up, and asked them what they were going to do for Halloween. The most common Halloween night activity was going to parties and hangout with friends.

When asked what each student likes about Halloween, Dallin Davis responded, “There are a lot of scary experiences, I like being scared.” He went to several scarehouses with his friends, and had a great time! On the other hand, Alannah Darrington likes that, ” We get to put up some funny decorations in my house.” There are lots of different reasons that people like Halloween, some like to be scared while others like dressing up, but no matter what you think about Halloween, you can’t deny how great some of these costumes were!