Dogs vs Cats

Madelyn Lund

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There are two types of people in the world: dog people and cat people. Which one are you? I, personally am a dog person for obvious reasons. Dogs are man’s best friend, they protect you, comfort you, entertain you, and many other reasons. Dogs are also very smart, they help people with disabilities, help cops find people, bombs, and drugs, they also are able to tell how you’re feeling and know just how to comfort you and make you feel better. But that doesn’t mean that cats are horrible and you shouldn’t have them.

Cats are helpful in different ways, they take care of your rodent problems, scare away birds, sometimes they make good cuddle buddies! They are also quieter than dogs, they clean themselves, and they make great cat videos. Megan Fonnesbeck prefers cats to dogs because, “They love me and hate everyone else in my family, they can’t kill me and I’m terrified of giant dogs.”

But on the other hand, Elice Gessel says that she prefers dogs, “Dogs are so much nicer than cats, their more affectionate, they cuddle with you, and know when you’re sad.”

If someone were to break into your house, your dog would (hopefully) protect you, but your cat will probably just sit there and do nothing. Dogs just have more good qualities about them than cats do. Dogs will listen and obey you because they know that you are their owner, but cats on the other hand, don’t listen to you, they think they are the boss of you. But there are also some people who like both, Alisha Hawley is one of those people. She says, “Cats annoy me because we’re too similar but there’s also a strange kinship between us. For dogs, I would like them more if they, and don’t kill me for this, weren’t dumb and didn’t smell bad.”

But no matter which one you choose we can all agree, they’re both adorable.