College Day

Madelyn Lund

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It’s college day at Ridgeline! College is very helpful in our lives, it continues our education, and helps us get better paying jobs. Do you know what college you’re going to? If you do, do you know what classes you’re going to take? If you don’t, college day can help you answer these questions and any other questions you may have. Some of the students from USU, U of U, BYU, UVU, Snow, Dixie, and others came to Ridgeline to talk to the students about college and which college they should choose.

Don’t pass up this opportunity, get to know the different colleges there are and which one you think is best for you. College day gives you the opportunity to talk to people one on one who go there. They can help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Learning about the different colleges there are can prepare you and makes you think of the different opportunities there are.