Success for Girls Varsity Volleyball

Madelyn Lund

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The girls varsity volleyball team had a game on Tuesday the 18th against Mountain Crest. Both schools were supportive of their teams and cheered them on. Both teams played very well and put in all their efforts into winning for their schools. It was a close call, but Ridgeline won! The final score was Mountain Crest 1 and Ridgeline 3. They played 4 sets and the sets were Mountain Crest: 25, 15, 20, 22. Ridgeline was 20, 25, 25, and 25.

Every game that our school wins, whether it’s basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, or football it helps boost our confidence in winning the next game that we have to play. The audience is a big help too, cheering them on and showing them support tells them that we care how they play, whether or not we win. So the next time you go to a football game or a volleyball game, keep that in mind, because it just might help them win the game. I think that our school has good sportsmanship and it shows with every game, especially this volleyball game.