Ridgeline Theater and Cyrano

Savannah Leonhardt and Gracie Harding go over their lines during play practice.

Alisha Hawley

Savannah Leonhardt and Gracie Harding go over their lines during play practice.

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“Cyrano de Bergerac is a classic love story. Boy loves girl, girl loves boy just just doesn’t know it yet. Cyrano is a dashing, brave, poetic, quick-witted, and an amazing swordsman. His downfall: he has an enormous nose. His love interest, Roxanne, also happens to be in love with a handsome young noble names Christian who is a bit slow. Cyrano has to make a choice; be true to himself, or be true to his Roxanne. Cyrano decides, in an effort to make Roxanne happy, to help Christian with his words so he can woo Roxanne.”


This is a summary given by Savannah Leonhardt, who is playing the main character, Cyrano, in this year’s fall production! The Ridgeline Theater Club has been meeting after school almost every day for 2-3 hours, working on the french play.


To be in theater often requires a large amount of dedication. When asked why he was in theater, senior Aaron Lacey responded, “I love to act, I love to sing, I love meeting new people… The first show that I was in was The Legend of the Riverhawk… I got to meet a bunch of awesome people, but mostly I’ve always loved it [theater].”


Lacey will be playing as the Vicomte de Valvert, who is a noble who doesn’t want Cyrano to marry Roxanne, but makes the mistake of insulting Cyrano’s large nose, resulting in a very comedic duel.


However, (while important) good actors do not a play make. There’s a significant amount of work that goes into preparing sets, props, costumes, and even sound effects that might be necessary! This is where the Stage Crew and Lights & Sound come in. Stage Manager Ariel Ferre is the student that oversees the Stage Crew, and it’s hard work. “You design the sets, you build the sets, and then you also help during the performance with moving stuff around,” she says in their workshop. All around us are previous sets from past shows like “Calamity Jane” and Ridgeline’s original, “Spirit of the Riverhawk”. They have to do some serious work, and every little bit counts.

Alisha Hawley
Ariel Ferre poses for a picture in the theater storage room.













Cyrano is showing on November 1, 2, 3, and 5th, for 5$ for students and 7$ for others. Come see it!