Hawkwart Highlight

Taci Smith, Copy Editor

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Hawkwarts is an amazing club! They always do the funnest activities! Some of the activities that they are doing this year are the Haunted Halls, The Annual Yule Ball, Hawksmead, End of Year Feast, and the Quidditch game at the end of the year versus Nerd Herd. They also just had their first club activity which was the Sorting Ceremony!

I asked some of the members what they enjoy the most about Hawkwarts. Elliana Ward said her favorite part is, “Getting to know all the people!”

What Grace Brand likes about Hawkwarts is that “there are a lot of people involved and we all want to be here and have fun!” Hawkwarts has some amazing members!

This year’s Hawkwarts leadership is Ashlyn Wood as head student, Rebecca Sweeten as Gryffindor prefect, Grace Brand as Hufflepuff prefect, Rebecca Oburn as Ravenclaw prefect, and Tessa Nielsen as Slytherin prefect.

To join Hawkwarts it is $15 dollars for new members and $7 for returning members. So if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, go join Hawkwarts!