River Hawks V.S. Copper Hills Grizzlies

Gabby Booth, section editor

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In the United States there are 37,046 high schools, and out of all those high schools there are 1,088,158 football players. In the late 1900’s friday night football began. Now in the United States, Friday night football has become one of the most attended sporting events in high school.

Friday September 9th the River Hawks take on the Grizzlies of Copper Hills High School in Millville Utah. They dominated them with a whopping 33-0. There were several times throughout the game where the River Hawks had to use their timeouts to avoid a game delay, while also getting 81 yards in penalties. They went into halftime 12-0.

During half time the cheerleaders as well as the drill team, and their drill mini clinic, performed. Of course they were all a hit, each and everyone of them had a standing ovation having everyone in the stand including the student section cheering as loud as possible for them. The stands were packed with fans and parents of the mini clinic participants. Each and everyone were stoked to see what each and every performance had to bring.

After the wonderful halftime performance, the game started to pick up.  In the next two quarters the River Hawks had several excellent touchdowns. The River Hawks won 33-0 making it their second home game win!

Photo taken by Taci Smith – the Ridgeline and Copper Hill football players scrimmage for the ball.