National Live Creative Day

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National Live Creative Day

Madelyn Lund

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Today is National Live Creative Day! Think you’re the non creative type? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional artist or a professional photographer to celebrate this day. All you have to do is find some way to be creative, whether it’s painting a picture, planting a garden, writing a story, or taking a picture. This day gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves however they want, and gives us the freedom to make whatever we want because it’s just our imaginations at work. Challenge yourself to be creative today because making something and using your imagination can impact our lives. Also, doing something to celebrate this day might make your school day a little less boring.

If you’re having trouble thinking of some ways to be creative, try these tips: daydream, letting the mind wander often lets ideas pop into our head. Observe things, the world is full of creative opportunities. Another thing you could try is take risks, putting your work out there can be scary but it’s part of being creative. You never know, you might discover something about yourself you’ve never known before! You might discover that have a really good eye for taking pictures or you might discover that you can paint really good pictures, you won’t find out unless you try.

Here are some interesting facts about creativity:

  • Trying new things makes you more creative
  • Trauma has hidden creative properties
  • Aerobic exercises increases creative potential
  • Perception is the fist step to nurturing the creative spark
  • Creative thinkers have slower nerves
  • Creative people are more likely to be dishonest