We’re Trouble with a capitol T!

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We’re Trouble with a capitol T!

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Girls basketball played against Mountain Crest High School Thursday evening, January 18, and Boys basketball played on Friday January 19!

Mountain Crest has been Ridgeline’s main rival since the school split in 2016. Every sporting event facing Mountain Crest is always an exciting time for the students of Ridgeline.

This week was an extra dose of rivalry because of all the sporting events back to back against them. During the first trimester we struggled with Football but excelled in cross country against the rival school.

Girls basketball game Thursday evening Mountain Crest came out fighting, but could never get the jump on the team. First half of the game, the score came to an astounding 25-5 Ridgeline.

Second half was no better, RHS played incredibly well and kept MC to almost a game of single digits. In the end though the final score came to a rousing total of 46-14. Another amazing win for RHS. The girls so far are 3-0 in their region play.

There goal is to take it all the way, Good Luck Ridgeline girls!

Ridgeline boys game on Friday may have been one of the most intense games the school year has seen. The game started with Sam Weda scoring three lay ups one right after the other.

However, the game took a turn for the worse when MC came out and scored twelve points taking the lead.

The game was back and forth like that all throughout. In the end, MC won the game with a final score of 71-78, but we aren’t done yet.

The season isn’t over and another game against MC is just around the corner. This time on our home court for senior night no less! GO RHS!