Let It Begin

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Let It Begin

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Region has finally arrived! Riverhawks girls basketball had their first region game Thursday, December 11, against Bear River.

The game started out rough, with several turnovers and a few, as the team calls them “freshman” mistakes.

The team ended the first half with a score of 18-23, Bear River in the lead. However the locker room was not silent.

The seniors of the team: Kenadi Christiansen, Hannah Wilden, Ashley (Nellie) Nelson and Kiley Kirk, have had a tradition since the start of last year to make a list of things that were done well and things that were lacking during the first half.

The list was made and goals for the second half were set.

The team came out fired up and intense. Taking charge of the game, they changed the tides with a solid drive to the basket and foul From Halle Livingston. Making both her foul shots the team was back in the game.

Then three, three pointers one made by Brooklyn (Junior) Anderson, another from Hailey Anderson and one more from Brayli Jenks. Putting the team ahead 29-23. The team had amazing defensive stops and pushed the offense up the court.

Ending the game with a final score of 54-44. Ridgeline girls basketball took the W for their first region game!