Christmas vs Thanksgiving

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Christmas vs Thanksgiving

Camryn Jensen and Angel Enriquez

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Around this time of year there is always much debate about when Christmas should be acknowledged. A lot of stores start putting Christmas Decorations out the day after Halloween, we have found that some people think that’s perfectly okay to do and others feel that any sign of Christmas should wait until after Thanksgiving. We sat down with some students and asked them some questions on their opinion about this debate.


It’s a very popular thing during this time of the year to celebrate Christmas and not even acknowledge Thanksgiving, the holiday where we give thanks, in case you didn’t know. For those of you who don’t agree with this, thank you for being rational during these dark times. One teacher named Cody Scott spoke on this subject, “Do you know why we’re so materialistic? We don’t celebrate the holiday where we give thanks to what we have.” This would make perfect sense, we don’t appreciate this holiday, yet it’s devoted to appreciating what we have and not worrying about what we don’t have. Senior Brandon Newman said that the earliest he puts his Christmas decorations out is by, “the first weekend of December.” A Sophomore named Morgan Bishop even brought up history to give reason to celebrating Thanksgiving before thinking about Christmas, stating, “Thanksgiving glorifies and justifies the fact that we plagued the Native Americans and stole their home.” Saying this, she means that we shouldn’t just forget about the Native Americans. All the genocide and suffering should at least have some attention put towards it. Former student Reagan Christensen gave a short and sweet answer, “I think it should be after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving to me just seems like it should be in the fall time.” Which is understandable, it can’t be cold and dead outside when it’s celebrated, that would just feel wrong. Last but not least, a student and soon to also be former student Ellie Stokes would also agree that Thanksgiving should be focused on first. Her reasoning for this was “Christmas takes away from Thanksgiving, which is one of the best holidays because you get to eat all day.” This argument almost has no reasonable counterargument, because who doesn’t love eating and being with family. Well, if you need any more convincing on which holiday should be focused on first, you won’t find it here. That would just be unreasonable if you needed more evidence.



I’m sure that you know people who start thinking of Christmas the day after Halloween. I personally do this because I believe t

hat it’s never to early to start getting in the Christmas spirit. Christmas is just such a joyful holiday and one that takes a lot of preparation. Now by saying this I’m not putting Thanksgiving on the back burner. Thanksgiving is a great holiday to spend with family and to be grateful for all that you’ve been given but that also doesn’t mean that you can’t be excited for Christmas. Comparing Thanksgiving and Christmas They both celebrate good things but typically Christmas requires more time to prepare so you are kind of forced to think about Christmas before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a great holiday and should be celebrated but you are not a horrible person if 

you watch a Christmas movie or wrap a present before Thanksgiving.  Senior, Kennedy Semadeni says “Of course it’s ok to acknowledge Christmas before Thanksgiving, I start watching Christmas movies and burning Christmas scents the day after Halloween.” Whether you agree with me or not I still think that  Christmas is ok before Thanksgiving. You don’t necessarily have to celebrate Christmas before but just acknowledging it is ok and doesn’t mean that you still can’t be just as excited about Thanksgiving. Junior Ginger Smith says that she celebrates Christmas before Thanksgiving and she never wants to change, she says “the meaning behind Christmas is worth celebrating before Thanksgiving.” When asked when Christmas was a thing for her Senior Anne Merril said “Even before Halloween Christmas is a thought in my mind. I get so excited for Christmas every year that I can’t wait until after Thanksgiving!” I think that that is how a lot of people feel when they say they celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you open presents or set up decorations before Thanksgiving but just getting ready and in the spirit of Christmas is never a bad thing. Although I found a lot of people who were ok with Christmas Before Thanksgiving I did find some people who weren’t. Matthew Ekstrom says “ Christmas should never be celebrated before Thanksgiving. I personally love Thanksgiving and I hate it when it gets overshadowed by Christmas.”


There will always be people who differ on this subject but I just feel that if you celebrate how you want then the world will continue to be a happy place.